Hi Col,

This is just a quick note to let you know that I fitted the drive shafts the weekend before last, and have now done about 100 miles with them. I'm really impressed, they add greatly to the driving experience and detract nothing.

They were very simple to fit; I had no trouble at all. The only notes I would make on your instructions would be to use a strap to keep the spring compressed so that the shaft can be fitted while horizontal, with minimal angulation. Also, to release the handbrake rod before the A frame! I finished the installation by giving each joint 5 strokes of Red Line CV grease.

Hopefully, this is enough. I'll check the tightness of everything after another couple of hundred miles. There doesn't seem to be any way to get a torque wrench on the nuts (or Allen bolts), so I guess it's just a matter of making sure everything it as tight as possible with a regular spanner.

Compared to changing Rotoflexs, which I last did over 30 years ago and still remember what a miserable experience it was, the CV shafts were a wonderful surprise.

It's hard to imagine why anybody would continue to use Rotoflexs.

The biggest problem was to get the car jacked up high enough to work on. I've only had the car a year and never had to do anything at the rear, aside from inspections, for which I used a couple of small ramps. Building a solid beam to fit across the entire car just in front of the rear wheels proved to be the best solution.

Anyway, many thanks. They're a great improvement on the elan.


Nick C.
Boston, MA, USA.